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I Got the Cup!!!

I Got the Cup!!!800 × 533

Triumph! After many tries and many close calls, I finally got the cup! Look how happy everyone is!

In category Flash, Pinball, Punch, Pie.

jcreed ( – 11.20.05 18:03:30
Red shirt guy, yours is a life full of true zest.
Tom 7 ( – 11.20.05 18:04:46
Max ( – 11.20.05 21:12:00
Man, viewing 641 and this one in sequence is just too much!
Gerry ( – 11.22.05 03:25:15

LOL, couldn't agree more. I did the same.

Classic photos! 639 is great too. Props to the photographer, he's got some mad skills. =D
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