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Radcliffe Camera

Radcliffe Camera800 × 792

This is a famous Oxford landmark. I believe it holds a library.

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Tom 7 ( – 11.16.05 23:23:50
It's not really a camera, by the way; they just call it that.
Anonymous ( – 05.07.07 10:33:21
It functions as a reading room for Oxford Students. No one is allowed to take books out from the Bodleian library, not even the King or Queen. The books are transferred underground from the Bodleian to the Radcliffe Camera so students can study.
diminuta ( – 09.04.07 11:13:34
i am seating right now inside this building, it one of the many huge old libraries (but yeah we also have internet access etc) that belong to the university of oxford.

it cannot be visited, you need a special access card if you don't belong to the university of oxford. it's gorgious in the inside, old stone ceilings and walls that remind an old church, and plenty of ancient books that cannot be taken out (they check your bags as you get in/out).

ok should really go back to study...........!
Anonymous ( – 01.26.08 10:01:51
Yea, it's pretty nice. This library mainly holds history books on the top floor, with English and theology taking up the bottom floor. I think they run tours occasionally (at least I've seen people taking photos when I've been reading in there - most annoying!).

There are more comfortable places to work though, its a bit noisy inside and draughty too.
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